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R K Parasuram is a UK-trained professional electrical engineer. He has vast experience in the switchgear field. He founded the KAPPA group in 1966.

Starting with a single location, KAPPA now has multiple factories in Chennai, Bangalore and Pondicherry. R K Parasuram is a technocrat who has created a strong foundation for the instrument transformer field in India. He is a pioneer in the exports of instrument transformers, starting in 1970. He has many firsts to his credit, including the development of CT s and VT s to international standards, draw-out units, research on partial discharge in ITs and outdoor dry type units.

His strong work ethic and can-do attitude have inspired people in the field over three generations. He has always been single-mindedly focused on quality and innovation and has built up the KAPPA group into an industry leader with an enviable reputation for quality products.

R K Parasuram is an avid photographer and philatelist, and also founded Hobbiests International, a world-wide club with more than two hundred members at the age of 14. This was in the 1950’s when all correspondence was by sea-mail. He is a seasoned traveller who has visited innumerable industries across the world.


Kamala Parasuram has a first-class degree in Science and was a University rank-holder. She is the backbone, the spirit and the strength of the KAPPA group. An able administrator, she established the first all-women IT manufacturing unit in the country. She also started the KAPPA CHARITABLE TRUST, which works for the welfare of the poor, the sick and the differently-abled.

Kamala is also an author, and has published “The Lotus Beckons” , a travelogue, and “Chandru”, the story of her differently-abled brother. She is an ardent foodie, and enjoys cooking vegetarian dishes from around the world.


S Padmanabhan has a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from IIT, Mumbai, and furthered his studies at the Imperial College in London. He was with IBM before joining Kappa. He was the National Sales Director, and is single-handedly responsible for Kappa’s enthusiastic participation in Indian and International tradeshows, and for its marketing efforts.


Dr.Mira Parasuram has a degree in electrical engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai, with specialization in High Voltage Engineering. She is also an MBA gold-medallist and has a PhD.

She has worked in all areas in KAPPA, and has set up the quality and operation systems of the group. She drives international sales. She is a technical expert who has authored KAPPA’s reference manual on Instrument transformers. Mira is currently Chairperson of the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association’s (IEEMA) Instrument Transformer Committee. She was also the Founder- Chairperson of IEEMA’s Women in Power Committee and has set up an industry-wide internship programme for female engineers. .

Mira is an avid reader, and enjoys collecting ceramic artware.


Mahesh Srinivasan has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Madras and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from RPI, New York State, USA.

The activities of the KAPPA group are organized on a single platform created by Mahesh. He has developed an innovative design and testing software for the company, He is now creating a data -driven manufacturing execution system, apart from heading the finance and compliances section of the group.


Krishna Srinivasan has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA. Krishna has published a paper on PCI Express Interconnect which was nominated for best paper at IEEE, IISWC.

He is driving product development and innovation at Kappa, apart from working in all areas including customer support to gain experience. He is focused on enhancing brand KAPPA with a wider product offering, and with agility in response and in the execution of orders, making KAPPA a truly customer-driven organization.

Krishna is pursuing an MBA from the prestigious Indian School of Business.