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ASTA-certified CTs



Our factories are fully equipped with all requisite manufacturing facilities, including automated toroidal and radial winding machines and high capacity, automated resin processing facilities. A young team of motivated engineers along with and trained and qualified operators ensure excellent process control with documented stage-wise inspections.

In-depth quality plans cover all areas of manufacture. Inspections are carried out at various stages of manufacture to verify that measured parameters correspond to the design values, Records are maintained at each stage and are available for verification across processes. Effective metrics are used to monitor performance.

Present total capacity would be around 8000 MV units a month and 20000 LV units a month.

Typical flow chart of manufacturing operations: Sequentially for CT s and in separate synchronized lines for VT s

Generation of job cards/ route cards from system → Issue of material in inventory software →Physical Issue of material → Capturing traceability data for core/ copper → Insulation → secondary winding → Visual Inspection and verification of dimensions → Testing → Primary winding →Visual Inspection, verification of dimensions and check of tightening torque → preparation for casting → casting process → verification of casting parameters → curing and post curing processes under controlled conditions → assemblies/ hardware →Visual Inspection and verification of dimensions as per check lists → Final testing

Sources of raw materials

Raw materials are purchased from approved vendors. Vendors are localized to the extent possible. Supplier audits are conducted periodically. All our vendors are India-based.

Major raw materials

Electrical steels such as CRGO – various grades, CRNO, nanocrystalline cores.

Copper – Class F modified polyester wires/ Class H dual coat wires, Class C wires

Resins – Polyurethane and epoxies are used, depending on the system voltage/ volume of casting, cycloaliphatic resins are used for outdoor dry type applications