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ASTA-certified CTs



Our factories are fully equipped with all requisite testing facilities including a temperature rise testing lab. The range of testing equipment includes micro-processor based test kits, CT Analyzers and partial discharge detection systems. Multiples of equipment are available for stage testing.

The Quality assurance team ensures the conformance of raw materials and manufactured products to relevant specifications and standards.

Company-wide quality plans are available for every type and range of products manufactured.

Our products are bar-coded and are accompanied by a route card that gives manufacturing instructions unique to the product, and stage inspections are captured on the route card.
Testing of the products is done after each stage, and before despatch, and is captured in our innovative testing software that is linked to our designs, thus allowing comparison of required and achieved performance parameters, apart from testing as per IEC/ ANSI standards. The system has an automatic assessment of the status of the product at every stage, and automatic generation of test certificates.

Apart from audits of testing and inspection processes, periodic assessment of inspection and testing personnel is also done through theory/ practice based evaluations.

Supplier audits are done periodically as part of the evaluation process, along with external type testing.

Test equipment and facilities are assessed and augmented as required, from time to time.
Efforts are underway to certify our testing lab to ISO 17025.