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ASTA-certified CTs


Medium Voltage Voltage Transformers

Kappa VTs are designed to minimize  the errors of transformation using the best quality electrical steels for  the core of the transformer and by minimizing the winding drops. Our VTs are robustly designed to provide reliable performance, even under fault conditions. Our designs keep pace with the changing requirements of the electrical power system, and are fully type  tested.

Product Range

  • VTs are suitable for metering, protection, and residual protection.
  • VTs suitable for high accuracy metering of class 0.2 (IEC) and class 0.3 (ANSI)
  • Multi-ratio, multi-secondary, dual purpose VTs available
  • Fuse provision available on primary and secondary
  • Fuse provision and mounting can be offered to suit varied client requirements
  • Ferro-resonance damping windings and special designs available for problematic  applications
  • Standarisation of VTs ensures faster delivery 
  • Frequency of 50/60 Hz can be offered.
  • Our technical and application guide gives complete product details and guide for selection, as well as winding diagrams
  • Product standards : Latest versions of 
    • IEC 61869-1.3
    • ANSI IEEE C57.13
    •  AS (IEC) 60044-2
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